Covid-19 and short-time work: AI analysis on rent losses in Germany
Real Estate Valuation

High performance brings many more opportunities.

PREA takes your investment to a whole new level of mobility and performance. Wherever your ideas take you - with an extremely efficient team and the most advanced technology, we welcome ideas and evaluate your investment.

Valuation Technology

Quality and risk management

Oculus and mercury enable you to improve your quality management. Using automated processes and taking into account artificial intelligence and algorithms, transaction and financing transactions are controlled, risks are identified at the earliest possible stage and property valuations for banks and institutional investors are optimised. With the technologies behind PREA, we have simplified financial products for you and take your real estate investment to the next level.


Creating values that everyone recognises.

At PREA, we develop and create values for banks, insurance companies and institutional investors. We bundle the values in an assessment so that you get the investment you want. Using our technology mercury, we systematize, simulate and visualize investment scenarios based on relevant and alternative key figures. The newly gained insights help third parties to better understand your property and support you in your investment. Our expert opinions are your road to success.

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