Covid-19 and short-time work: AI analysis on rent losses in Germany

Real Estate Development

If you need support, we have a brilliant idea.

Forget everything you know about project development. A property only needs a suitable development idea to achieve the investment you want. With seven asset classes, an extremely powerful team and project development experience of over 2 billion euros, PREA supports you along the entire value chain. With our advanced technology, potential users can already work on large projects in advance, can analyze and compare huge data sets with one click. PREA takes your investment to a whole new level.

Construction Risk Management

High-performance project development. Times two.

PREA project development covers a wide range of tasks - concept development, market studies, valuations, financing, but also construction and risk management. At PREA, we bring 20 years of construction experience to the table and combine this with the knowledge of project development and project implementation. Unlike many other service providers, we also build, develop and create projects ourselves. Our standards for your investment are the same as for our own properties.

Status assessment and concept development

The power to create sustainable values.

The power to change everything requires a status assessment and concept development of the investment. The potential function of your investment determines the form of your project development. Every aspect of your property will ensure a better future performance of your investment. PREA creates a 360° access to all important components and forms the basis for the best project development. This makes everything possible faster than expected.

mercury Market studies

Designed for extreme performance.

For many users a well designed project development is more important than ever. Because it decides on powerful workflows, future feel-good factors and much more. Particularly through our technological advantage mercury, we can create sustainable investments, recognize risks early on and develop them on the basis of actual needs. PREA creates real estate for people and for eternity.