Covid-19 and short-time work: AI analysis on rent losses in Germany
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Say hello to PREA IM & AM, a service and owner representation that is extreme in every respect. We discover the best performance and development opportunity that your investment will ever have. With our in-house technology, users from a wide range of industries are analysed, evaluated and appropriately allocated to your property in a sustainable manner.

mercury Market studies

Designed for extreme precision.

For many users, a well designed project development is more important than ever. Because it decides on powerful workflows, future feel-good factors and much more. Especially through our technological advantage, mercury, we are able to create sustainable investments, recognize risks early on and develop on the basis of actual needs. PREA creates real estate for people and for eternity.


Find deals. Make deals. This is PREA.

Deals determine the investment. Every aspect of our technology is designed for performance. PREA's machine learning data system supports our service and provides you with all relevant comparables for a successful deal. This interaction provides 360° access to all development opportunities of your investment. PREA accompanies you to your target return.

Due Diligence

Accurate inventory checks lead to success.

Oculus Pro. Our interface to the workflow optimization software gives all business consultants, project developers, surveyors and lawyers an independent interaction and enables highest performance. And that in the shortest possible time.