Covid-19 and short-time work: AI analysis on rent losses in Germany
Business ethics

The most important values are trust and responsibility.

The ethical, fair and transparent corporate culture is an integral part of PREA and is practiced daily. Our ethical guidelines and actions apply to the entire field of work, including our conduct towards employees, customers, shareholders and the world of real estate itself.

PREA code of conduct.

It describes worldwide observed values and business practices. Our goal is to create regulatory guidelines for business processes and interpersonal behaviour, thus creating a fair, respectful and inclusive working environment for all. PREA employees, consultants and service providers adhere to the internal guidelines and values on a daily basis to ensure that your collaboration is as you want it to be.

Values that convince.

The most important values and ethical objectives of our company are trust and responsibility. As a business partner, PREA stands for strength, experience and innovation. With this responsibility we treat our partners carefully, fairly and according to the highest values. We consider the trust placed in us to be our most valuable asset and return it to the entire community.

Ethnic equality.

Equal opportunities

Trust and responsibility

Discretion and integrity are an integral part of our leitmotif.

Customers, employees, service providers, subcontractors and investors benefit from the discreet and reputable highest standards. PREA stands for methodological, considerate and meticulous action in any situation. Important, sensitive data and customer information is treated with respect. Communication channels and systems are used responsibly and diligently.

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