Covid-19 and short-time work: AI analysis on rent losses in Germany

PREA takes your investment to a whole new level of mobility and performance.

Wherever your ideas take you - with an extremely efficient team, the most advanced technology and super-fast processing, you will reach your goal faster.

PREA takes your investment to a whole new level of mobility and performance.
Real Estate Innovation

What is PREA?

PREA is a service and consulting company in the world of real estate. Business life today is more digital than ever before. With the help of in-house developed software solutions, we at PREA specialize in sustainable value growth for users, investors and owners. PREA helps your company to make investment easier and more productive, to solve problems creatively, to work together towards your goal and to increase your investment performance.

Investment performance

Was does PREA do?

PREA is constantly developing new solutions to ensure that your real estate investments grow the way you want them to. Here, some of the most passionate and creative people are developing innovative products that will forever change real estate transactions in the future. Especially today, in times of high market volatility and low interest rates, this seems more necessary than ever. With the help of our technologies we systematize, simulate and visualize investment scenarios based on relevant and alternative key figures. The new insights help third parties to better understand your property and support you in your investment.

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Who is PREA?

People who change the way we work. A cooperation that consists of likeminded thinking and common values will continue. Now with a wide range of familiar and latest technology, PREA offers the ultimate tools for modern work - with more than just a touch of comfort. And all created by people.

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